Design Thinking Improves the Way the NFL Collaborates


In the world of professional sports, the National Football League blitzes the competition. The $9 billion organization oversees America's most popular spectator sport, acting as a trade association for 32 franchise owners. Among the league's functions, the NFL governs and promotes the game of football, sets and enforces rules, and regulates team ownership. So how does the NFL oversee America’s most popular spectator sport and communicate among teams and players? A member only platform and native app. 


ikonic was tasked to rethink their team management resource and online collaboration platform to support heavy usage and bring information to people quickly and effectively. We applied design thinking methods to find the desired experience and deliver content to athletes, coaches and team owners quickly and securely in a format that is easy to consume.


NFL Sign Up Page MockupNFL Sign up page mock up


During the initial four-week exploration, ikonic sized up NFL’s needs, designed and ran custom activities, collected quantitative and qualitative information, and finalized a proposition to enhance the platform with human-centered thinking. We engaged in four different ideation activities that included collage and creative worksheets. Each activity led to in-depth conversations that delivered valuable insights, uncovered in half day-long team synthesis. From this research, we confidently knew what to include or remove from the platform so we created interactive mockups and documentation for the engineering team. During the build phase we worked closely with developers to QA test and refine the platform before it was released.

ikonic's final product was a welcoming aesthetic and refined interface across the desktop and mobile experience. As a part of joining, we designed an interactive tutorial that intuitively helps users identify how they want to use the app and connects them to the right tools.

NFL Mobile App Composition


Distributing information securely and effectively across a robust platform requires continuous tweaking and updating to satisfy performance expectations. The result is a solution that goes beyond just helping the NFL collaborate—they expect it to transform the way they collaborate with athletes and teams.

cowboys helmet


The National Football League is a professional American football league consisting of 32 teams.